Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have you ever eatten Thai grill meat?

Hello! Today I would like to introduce one of the most famous menu in Roi Et and many ohter provinces in Thailand. It is Nua Yang Gao Lee or grill meat most people believe that it comes from Korea or is influenced by Korean eatting culture. I am not sure about the history of this menu in Thailand. Anyhow let's just take a look what it looks like.
There is the pan for grill meat and people usually use bamboo sticks to pick the food to eat.

In many Nua Yang Gao Lee or grill meat restaurants would provide several kind of food, appetizers and meats such as beef chicken and seafood vegetables and fruits etc moreover there would be the buffet corner which has many ready to eat menu to service as you can see in the pictures above too. Most of the big grill meat restaurants usually have a live concert to show at night as well.