Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kha Nom Buang : Thai Delicious Sweet

Hello! Today I came across Kha Nom Buang (Thai sweet) selling in front of 7ELEVEN. The Kha Nom Buang seller was very kind. I asked her if she would be pleased to be taken some photographs and she said okay so I just have these photos to show you here in my Thai food blog. All right, Have you ever eaten some Thai sweet looked like this? If you have ever eaten something like this then you may know that the name of it. It is called "Kha Nom Buang"

I bought Kha Nom Buang 10 Bath from the seller and took some photographs at home. You may see its size per piece is not very big. Look at my fingers were holding it.
Kha Nom Buang from this seller has two flavors. There are sweet flavor and sour flavor. In my opinion, I think the sweet flavor is quite delicious. I think it is more delicious than the sour flavor. Somehow, for people how like sour flavor may like this one too. In the picture above this paragraph the sweet flavor stuff were yellow and the sour flavor stuff were orange.

This was the Kha Nom Buang seller. In the picture above, she was cooking Kha Nom Buang, the delicious Thai sweet. After she put the sweet white cream on the flour then she put the sour stuff on the flour just like the crisps.

Kha Nom Buang from this seller has 2 flavors as I told above. The sweet stuff made of eegs and the sour stuff made of the coconuts and a little of onion leafs. OK. Now you've known Kha Nom Buang already. Next time I would post what menu to show you here in my Thai food blog please keep watching. For now I would better go to find something to eat because it's the lunch time. See you later and thank you for your attention. Bye Bye for now.

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Hamster said...

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