Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rice Congee Mixed with Meat: My Favorite Breakfast Menu

Hello! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!
Today, I want to present my favorite breakfast. Look at the pictures below! WOW! What a delectable.
The picture below is Thai Hom Mali rice. The Thai word "Hom Mali" means "sweet smell jasmine". Because of Thai Hom Mali rice's smell is very nice just like jasmine flowers so Thais entitled it and have called it as "Hom Mali" or "sweet smell jasmine". And I had it in my pot already.

In the morning, I usually cook breakfast myself. My breakfast menu mostly is Rice Congee Mixed with Meat and Vegetables.

Rice Congee Mixed with Meat and Vegetables is one of my forever favorite food. I mean it's one of the best food for me when I must cook by myself. Of course, rice congee is very easy to cook and to eat.

As you've seen now. My rice congee is done by only 3 main steps. 1). Cook the Hom Mali rice in an electricity pot. 2). Cook the soup up on your preference. 3). Pour the soup on your rice bowl. That's all. It's so easy and delicious! See you later. Bye Bye for now.

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